Getting ready: lots of little moves to make a BIG move.

Introduction:First post and first ever blog!: It was 2 years ago when we decided to leave the heat and the jobs for pay, and move to Michigan. Hi, my name is Anita and my partner of 22 years, Jean are preparing for what will be the next chapters of our beautiful life together. Moving from Phoenix to a small town in Michigan, two women, an old dog, in a Prius. Swapping security, scheduling, and sameness, for uncertainty, adventure, and a new way to live life.

It is early January 2015, we have been cleaning out closets, having multiple yard sales, and packing boxes for over a year. Jean is retired and I follow her on Feb.27th. Our home for 20 of those 22 years, goes up for sale Feb 1st and hopefully in March we will be on our way eastward. The first packing of the 28 foot monster trailer ( we should only need 17 feet of it…we’ll see) is in one week. Packing everything but the essentials so we can stage the house, will test our ability to secure 22 years of belongings for a 1,900 mile journey. Will the 55 inch Sony turn on when we get there?Will our special needs dog let us sleep at all for the 4 day ride? Will we find our forever home? Weather updates and more to come. Stay tuned… Anita



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