The day before our first packing of the Monster Truck

It is 3:38 on Friday the 23rd, Jean is in the shower, and I am sitting here trying to decide if an Earl Grey cup of tea is in order, or that bottle of Red Wine staring at me from the top shelf. Somewhere between 4 and 8 tonight, the Monster truck arrives for our packing debut tomorrow. Our dear friends Sue and Colleen will be here in the morning to help us pack. bless you two, and as I look around at the boxes and the mountain we must move tomorrow…maybe the Red is a good choice.

Today we packaged wall art, mirrors, cleaned out the “tool shed” omg 6 hammers, 12 screwdrivers, and two many allen wrenches to count..Where did we get all this stuff…. and painted “yes still sprucing up the house”, got down to the bare minimums of clothing and cookware. I cleaned out the spice rack, “does one really need 3 bottles of sage?” I was saddened to throw away the Gumbo File but since becoming a Vegetarian 4 years ago I regrettably don’t cook Gumbo anymore. Some veggie versions of some things just aren’t worth it. Now we know how old the Gumbo File was!!

I was thankful for Jean’s expertise in boxmaking she learned while employed at Landiscore. That girl can pack a mirror! Dined this morning at our favorite “The Good Egg on Central” we needed the extra calories to perform todays task and gear up for tomorrow. We will miss those folks at The Egg. We have been going there every Saturday for 8 years and have made some dear friends.

Now that we have sat down to rest, the special needs dog need attention..never ending. Between 3:45 and 4:00 every day, she prods us us to: take her out to do her business, cookie, fill her bowl with dog food, cookie, we must then cook dinner, cookie. after we eat she might go for a walk, might not. Then we MUST clean up the kitchen or she will NEVER leave us alone. Then it is do her tricks time. I must get 4 pieces of dry dog food, one small cookie and one large we call “the meats”. She shakes, gets a cookie (Ok I know you think we are overfeeding our dog and maybe we are, but her cookies are about the size of small grape and only 1 calorie) she then give me poundage, gets a cookie. The last trick is double poundage and I raise the meat above my head and she gets “Meats form Heaven”. Then if we are lucky she will go lay down and we can watch TV..oh ya, only if we turn her fan on first..yes the dog has her own fan.

OK that is all for now, Im going to go….hydrate… Anita



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