The day before…

Tomorrow the house goes up for sale, today it rained, and yesterday was my birthday.

After the monster truck was packed for the first time, we went out for Asian food, came back to the house, and could barely move. I mean really…it was a chore just to venture out to the kitchen, or worse, the bathroom! Took us two days to fully recover and Monday when we came home from lunch, the truck and most of our belongings had been picked up and stored while we wait for the house to sell. Was glad we were not here to see it drive away. I don’t know, we both might have cried or something, we are a mess after all…Moving is hard…real hard. But together we keep each other moving forward and thank God for Chipotle!!

This week we repaired the wainscot in the bathroom, had not planned on that one, (was a bit challenging as all our tools were now in the 28ft monster truck in South Phoenix, thank goodness we kept the Dremel handy for such emergencies), cleaned every cabinet in the kitchen, cleaned the air vents throughout the house, the dog finally got her teeth cleaned, put down an entry carpet on the front porch, cleaned the guest room and staged it, and painted the hall closet and the bedroom closet.

Along with all the chores, we had a delightful early birthday lunch on Monday with my dear friend Lisa at The Village Tavern. Jean finally got to meet her and another favorite friend, Terri, who is employed at the Tavern. It was a special day indeed. Turning 55 on Thursday was one of the better birthdays, spending the day with my girl Jean, drinking Starbucks together and the fabulous pancake breakfast Jean prepared, started my day off beautifully. We ate lunch at my favorite Italian Restaurant (Giuseppe’s on 28th). Thanks go out to my friend who works there, Cindy, for a wonderful experience and for always knowing just what I want to eat and drink!!! The chianti was tasty!

The next day we lunched with our good friend Jennifer at Zoe’s on Camelback. Always energized after being with Jen and was a good thing as we had much to do! thanks Jennifer..GOOD TIMES!!!!

So it is almost 4 o’clock on Friday January 30th and I am getting a little too used to (not working) alas I must return for 12 more days on Monday..To train the NEW GUY!!! Yipee!! Anyway, the signpost guy put the post for the “For Sale” sign up and tomorrow the For Sale sign will be delivered…gulp.  We  hope it sells in about 4 weeks and then we can leave for Michigan the later part of March and hopefully the snow will be melted.

As I look out the front window watching a wonderful rainy day, I must thank all the people, and animals, that have been on this 22 year journey with us. Friends and foes, still with us or not, strangers on the street, neighbors, and family, you all have played some role in Jean and Mine’s journey together to this point. We owe our beautiful life this far partially to you, and we hope you will continue to follow us as our beautiful life (act two) unfolds. Follow your dreams, it may be a hard climb to get there, but oh so worth it!! Hey, if Jean and I can pack up and move to Michigan, just think what you could be doing!! And if you do, please blog about it so we can follow you!!

Until next time….


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