Two hour treadmill

It is official, it is Feb 1st 2015 and our home is up for sale. Two years ago when we decided to embark on this journey now seems like 2 minutes have gone by. Speaking of “two’s” we are now on what I like to call the “two hour treadmill”, after a realtor calls, we have two hours to vacate the house. Seems strange having to vacate our own home, especially when ALL the bills have been paid, but I guess our input on a house we have lived in for 20 years is not good selling strategy!  I just REALLY hope a call is not imminent during the Super Bowl, would hate to miss any cute Budweiser ads! (Had to look up “imminent”, apparently there is a A trio of frequently confused words: eminent, imminent, and immanent.Eminentmeans ‘outstanding, famous’: the book was written by an eminentauthority on folk artImminentmeans ‘about to happen’: people brushed aside the possibility that war was imminentImmanent, often used in religious or philosophical contexts, means ‘inherent’: he believed in the immanentunity of nature taught by the Hindus.) There, a blog lesson of sorts!!

Jean and I have decided that the best strategy going forward is to just clean up constantly, keep the dog leash handy, and eat as much at Chipoltle as we can to avoid dirtying up the kitchen!! We have asked our neighbor if we can sit on her patio while folks look at the house, so if some one were planning on taking the Corelle dishes with them, think again, we are right across the street!!!

Whatever team you are rooting for today, good luck and enjoy the day. (Cannot wait for the TWO MINUTE WARNING!!!) Oh and I won the Powerball this morning….even though it was only two dollars…do you see a pattern morning here? Tee Hee!!



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