Ok, that was weird !

Well… after the Sunday rush of house for sale flyer grabbers; thanks to a bit of luck everyone was focused on the Super Bowl instead of finding their forever home, Monday evening at 6:30 we had strangers in the house. Not to sound like field agents or neighborhood spies,  “although two neighbors stopped to see what we were doing and one called us “creepers”, we sat just down the street, dog in the backseat, in the Prius, watching Ax Men on Jean’s iPad . Apparently when you are innocently sitting in your car, you should have electronics OFF as the neighbors think you are hacking their Wi-Fi. Luckily no -one called the PoPo.

It was weird watching people as they walk around your home. We fantasized they were loving the warm feeling of our house and imagining the social events they could throw in the beautiful backyard. They stayed for about a half an hour, we waited after they left, anticipating they would double back, that the home somehow grabbed them so hard they found it hard to stay away. We joked with each other that, that was kinda fun waiting in the car while strangers were in our house.  The would-be buyers did not return, so we pulled into the driveway, unpacked our stuff, closed all the window shades, turned off all the lights, and sat down to watch “The Fosters” like nothing had happened.

Ok, that was weird!!!


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