A little luck of the Irish

IMG_0241 IMG_0536

Sunday the House went up for sale, it is now Wednesday night and 60 flyers later we have had two offers already. One of which we countered not once but twice, and have an offer on the table. Jean and I were the first people to put an offer on this house 20 years ago. A new relationship, so in Love, needing a place to call home. We walked into this house both feeling quite at home. The two we have accepted an offer from, clearly want to make it their home as we did and we are looking forward to meeting them. First we must go through inspection and appraisal. If all goes well we could be heading for Michigan on St Patrick’s day with a little luck of the Irish.In the picture above, a sun flower that we did not plant has bloomed; welcoming the new owners in, and officially opening the next chapter in our lives. Fingers crossed all goes well. The monster truck will be back before we know it. Soon a congratulatory stout Irish brew might be in order…..until next time… Anita and Jean


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