Not moving day yet, but it is Valentines day. Sp happy V day to all my followers!!

We are now under contract with the first prospective buyers, two days ago had the home inspection, and are awaiting the appraisal appointment and at least 3 different repair people. Did you know that your roof shingles need 1/2 inch overhang to not be flagged by an inspector? Most of our do but some don’t, fix #1. Our roof is fairly new, maybe 6 years old and with good 30 year shingles, but alas, the new owners want it repaired…estimate pending.

Along with the roof, the water drains slow in the bathroom sink. The old pipe under the sink is a small pipe, and when we installed a new sink we had to use a small PVC pipe which causes the drain to run slow when the water is turned on high flow. Makes sense as universal properties are what they are, hopefully the plumber has a celestial connection with the PVC deities. fix #2, Also in the plumbing category ( plumbing is a funny word, the b is a totally unnecessary letter.Do you ever hire a Plum-Ber?) anyway…the auto fill pipe on the pool has a small leak. You would have a leak too if you had been outside, in the sun, for 20 summers!! Fix #3…Fix # 4 is a bunch of electrical stuff. You would think that an electrician who is hired to rewire your house would put the wires on the new plugs forward and not backwards and would ground all the circuits …but noooo…fix #4. Other than the autofill, the inspector said the pool area was perfact!! We got the P word from a home inspector, not easily done!! Thanks to Jean’s wall and patio painting and my meticulous pool maintenance, and our yard guy, Juan, all is good in the backyard!!

So all in all, not bad for a 66 year old home!! So when we get the repairs done, by next week, and the new buyers are satisfied, we close on March 17th and take off for Michigan. We still await the appraiser, I have 7 more days to work and train the new guy which is going smoother than expected. Jean has always told me that you need the right tools for the job to get the job done correctly and easily, the same goes with whom you hire to take over a legacy you have created. We hired the right person to do just that, Adam is what it says on my personal business cards “perfect for the job”!! Thanks dude, you will be awesome as the new king of the castle!!

In blogs I guess you are supposed to write something every day, believe me if this process was not so draining I would be happy to do just that. Not going to happen, but hopefully if you are a follower, you are patient one!! So today is Valentines Day, my sweetie and I will be going out for a good breakfast, shopping, then home to schedule roofers, plumbers, and electricians. Oh and by the way, we found a home in Michigan we BOTH love and are face timing with our realtor back there  on Sunday to get a virtual tour..gotta love technology!!!  Oh and that is pending the severe snow storm is over by Sunday!! Waling in a winter wonderland will have a new meaning for us next winter!!  If need be, one of us may fly back next Friday!! Again, thank you Starbucks!!

Happy V Day everyone!! till next time…. Anita and Jean

And if you follow on Facebook and want to look at any past blogs of mine, they are at hiriplee.wordpress.com (don’t forget the two dots in the address!!)


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