Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let’s Go Racing

It is Sunday, the beginning of a new year in Sprint Cup Racing. It is only fitting that the Daytona 500 is today because our lives have been running around 200 miles per hour with a few draft partners. We have been a tad loose on the inside turns, avoided a few wrecks, no red flag cautions, and headed toward the finish line. For those of you who are NOT race fans….

We were told that when things start to happen they happen fast, and that was no understatement. We have SOLD our home, bought our FOREVER home in Michigan, filled out a ton of paperwork for selling, buying, retirements, and 401K’S,. Daytona has nothing on the speed at which our lives are barreling forward.

Jean has put up all week with a barking dog, roof repair people, plumber, yardman, and an electrician. She is my shero!!!! got er done Jean…Thank you!!!! Good job for not purposely clipping someone on the inside panel and spinning them out!!!

I will fly to Michigan next week for a day to actually take a boots on the ground tour of our new home!! We await the appraisal of the Phoenix home (fingers crossed), and the Monday inspection report from the Michigan home. We have another list prepared, no surprises there, of all we have to do yet before we leave and after we get there. We will have a working week to: get driver licences, car tags, new checks (yes I still write checks), new Farmers Insurance Agent, turn on Gas, Electricity, Cable, DirecTV, get the keys to the new house on the 30th, and oh yah…shop for a new TV, furniture and find the nearest pet food center!!

Before we go we still have to schedule Jean’s foot surgery, changes of address to appropriate authorities, change the address on Madison’s dog chip, take Prius to dealer for a last check up before we hit the road, sign our final home selling papers on the 17th, call upack to deliver the 28 foot monster truck back so we can finish packing, get a general use 30 day permit for the Prius (tags are due March 15th..we leave March 18th) so I don’t have to pay for tags here and then in Michigan….and finally (never say finally!) turn OFF our utilities yo the Randolph home.  The White flag is in the air…One lap to go!!!

Today will be the first time in a LONG time that we do nothing that even resembles a moving to Michigan Task, writing this, this morning is the closest I will get!. Today we brunch with a good friend, and come back home to watch the last part of the Daytona 500, eat popcorn and catch up on recorded shows that need catching up on. A day to slow down a bit until we gear up next week to start the crazy madness all over again. I have two more working days until I retire, then fly to Michigan, fly back, Jean to foot surgery…..The checkered flag is in the air…we can see it…don’t get in our way now…we WILL side draft you because this is our race to win!!

Apologize in advance for any spelling errors, it is early and no coffee yet!

Until next time…Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let’s Go Racing



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