The Day After..Retired?

Yesterday was my last day at work. An eye opener for sure as more than I expected greeted me with kind words and hugs. Nothing really sank in until today, I usually get up early with the dog to let her out and feed her but this day, she used her doggie door and I stayed in bed doing my breathing exercises and enjoying NOT having to go to work. Soon will be followed by meditation, a shower, coffee, blogging, and walking the dog, but we are still packing our last-minute stuff, appointments, last lunches-diners and breakfasts with friends, shut off and delivery phone calls, oh ya and a last-minute trip to Michigan to see the house we have never actually stepped foot into yet. Still have much to do before our 1,900 mile journey begins.

I just got served coffee in bed by my partner Jean, so my first day of retirement could not have started out any better. Did not get any of those Mega Million numbers last night, but acts of kindness are truly priceless. After 22 years we start a new chapter and delicious new opportunities await.

My definition for “dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing” is doing what I WANT to do and not what I HAVE to do. So I begin retirement with much sweetness!! I loved the Movie “Eat, Pray Love” and that Italian saying has always stuck with me.

So to all my dear readers: Make a plan, stick to the plan, plans may change a bit, and its never too late to plan. Do one thing every day that moves you toward your goal and soon things will be moving so fast you will think you are at Daytona!! Two years ago we made a plan, the checkered flag is only 1,900 miles away and getting closer by the minute!!  Twenty four days or about 34,000 minutes to go before we arrive in Michigan.

Ready for my first day of retirement, thank you Jean for the coffee, thanks to Madison for snuggling on the bed with me while I write this, and thanks to Christopher Lloyd and his lovely MP3 Ascension, for starting my day peaceful and calm.   More to come….


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