PMS: Perfect, Majestic, Simple

It is Sunday afternoon March 1st. Retired last week, but this is the calendar day that my career working for Scottsdale Insurance Company/Nationwide comes to an end. As my good friend Rochelle said, “No more TGIF’s for Anita ever again”, I did do my laundry today without the usual feeling of needing to get it done so I have clean clothes to wear for work..that was nice.

So…. Thursday I flew to Michigan to see our new home. While I was there, Jean spoke with the buyers of our house and they told her something we had not heard for a long time. When we walked into the Randolph home 20 years ago, we both said that it “felt”like home. The new owners told Jean the exact same thing!! Funny how things circle around if you are paying attention. My trip to Michigan was to “Feel” our house.

I started at 6:40 am (which meant we left our home at 4:45 to get to Mesa Gateway Airport). To get a non-stop I had to fly Allegiant which meant flying with the sardine affect/effect…either one. The only positive of that flight was the too cute Maltese/Bichon puppy flying under the seat next to me!!! Our wonderful friend/realtor Carrie met me at the airport. Snow on the ground but a sunny day, we stopped for some lunch and off to our “forever Home” for an emotional assessment.

We pulled up to the house, Perfect.. Got out and headed for the front door as the snow glistened on the yard, Majestic… and opened the front door, Simple…. Ok, how did I feel, how did I feel? Drum roll…….I felt like….HOME. Looking around the house and Property, I said to Carrie “I hate to Leave”. But Leave I had to, checked into my, near the airport, Marriott Hotel and got settled in. Walked down to a nearby restaurant to grab a bite and walked back…Guess 20 degree weather suits me just fine!!

Flew back on Friday at 10:00 am. Had to lay-over in St Paul Minneapolis, when I discovered that I needed to be a world cup sprinter to make it to the OTHER side of the airport to catch my connecting flight. If you look up that city’s airport, landed at the A side, and connected at I did not make it…they had JUST closed the door!! They put me on the next flight leaving about and hour and a half later, and after a 14 dollar grilled cheese sandwich, boarded my Delta flight for home!!

Jean and I timed it just right and no sooner did I get there, but was in the Prius heading towards our favorite Mexican Restaurant for another bite to eat and a well deserved beer!!!

The next day I woke up with a terrible case of genuine PMS and we both had the headache from hell for two days after. If this POST does not have the usual phonetic quips, and comical entries…well…let’s just say I prefer Perfect, Majestic,Simple over Pre-Menstral-Syndrom!!!

More to come after I recover…18 days till we hit the road for our new home and we both feel once again..HOME.


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