6 Days and Counting!!! Monster truck Revival.

Hello everyone, it is Friday the 13th and a perfect day for the monster truck to re-appear on the driveway. Between 4 and 8 tonight most the material contents of our 22 years together will appear on the driveway and Saturday, the rest of those material things will join them in the truck. Countdown… 6 days.

I think I have finally quit looking in the silverware drawer for silverware…there is nothing in that drawer anymore, or the closet for my jacket..it is empty, or the outside closet for a screwdriver..also empty! Strange how mechanical we become when routine takes over. I suppose it is a good thing we don’t have to think about breathing, or digesting food and turning it into the one thing you hope to never find floating in your pool. Beyond bodily functions, I do think it is a good thing to actually contemplate our lives, take inventory of what is working and what is not. Breath and get rid of shit, so to speak. Rather than complain about life , I believe it is to our benefit to CLAIM it. Own it, love it, and make it better, somehow, someway.

So Jean and I decided to Move to Michigan and explore our inner podunkness, hillbilly, farmer, explorer, and to break away from the mechanics of life and create something new.

Jean had foot surgery last week and is healing up nicely. Madison is not walking again because her “pack” cannot walk all together until Jean heals. Jean gets her stitches out the day before we leave for Michigan next Wednesday morning, and we are all worn out. I think I mentioned in my first blog post, “moving is hard, real hard”. Those lists I mentioned in earlier posts have been a life saver and we are checking things off left and right. Have to call next week and change the address on Madison’s dog finder chip, sign the final papers on the 17th to proclaim our Phoenix home officially SOLD, call UPack to pick up the monster truck and ship it to Michigan, and a few other odds and ends.

We have said “see you later” to most of our peeps, some of them still in denial “you know who you are”, but almost everyone happy for us as we begin this new chapter. Introduction almost complete.Thanks to everyone for making our first book in life so successful, we could not have done it without you, and as the second book begins, you are welcome to follow and be a part of future chapters. Soon, very soon, there will be silverware, in the silverware drawer!!   Anita and Jean

Oh and a P.S.  In case internet is an issue for a while after Wednesday, it should take 4 days to travel to Michigan..Albequrque NM Sheraton CONFIRMED,  Best Western in Oklahoma CONFIRMED, Missouri Comfort Inn CONFIRMED… A Challenge to find pet friendly hotels and take us from city life to country folk..But we did it, Sheraton to the Comfort Inn in three days!!! The fourth day we will try to drive the 10 plus hours  but we may make one more stop and sleep in someone’s barn. Just kidding, there is a limit in how much “country” we are willing to do. Will feed the horses, not sleep with them!!

I will try to blog along  the way and one more time before we hit the road. Thanks in advance to Sue and Colleen again for helping us with the second packing, Gary for throwing us a farewell party, Erin and company for the visit, Apple for calendars/reminders and SIRI for showing us the way in case we get lost, and my perfect partner Jean for this incredible adventure we are on. Later Gaters!!! We will miss you all!!  6 days and counting…..


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