Day One, Here We Go!!!

It is 4 in the morning, we are up, Madison just got fed and the sun will be shining very soon. This morning we complete the packing of the 28 foot monster truck, go to breakfast with Sue and Colleen, and hit the road for Albuquerque New Mexico.

With all the “stuff” on the “what goes in the car” side of the room, we will have a full load as two women, an old dog, in a Prius, take off on our journey. We went to go see The Second Marigold Hotel” the other day and was exactly what we needed. A welcome break from packing, planning, remembering to do this or that, turning off or on things, and all that has gone into this crazy time of moving from one state to another. The movie reminded us of the magical moments that every breath has to offer, the amazing creatures that we all are, a the realization that life is every moment. Life is not getting here or there, life is not tomorrow or even an hour from now…life is in this single, wonderful, moment, on every day and at any age. The journey begins with every breath, what you do with that breath can take you places you may or may not have imagined.

So this morning I breath in and out with more conviction, more deliberation, and a peaceful calmness that everything  in this moment is exactly where It needs it to be. I am here, you are there,, and every moment of this 1,900 mile journey will be filled with the next moments of our lives…How will you spend your moments? We will be exploring, traveling, laughing, watching sunrises and sunsets in many states, living out of our car, and breathing in life as our moments pass by. One thing before we leave my friends…make todays moments mean something…love someone, appreciate someone, be kind to your animals and your friends, do something for someone that they will not expect..even if that someone is a stranger..and do something nice for yourself. Be the best you, you can be today…move forward towards your dreams!!  Peace and happy trails to you, until we meet again!!  Here We Go!!!      Anita


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