On our way, never a high temp above 58 degrees!!!

Good evening everyone.  A quick update…I promise once I have enough waking hours and sleep, I will give an entire account of our travels. Ho Hum you might be saying to yourself, but so far,  “an unexpected bout with stress that cause me to not be able to eat” ” Maddie pooped in the room at the Sheraton and our experience was so terrible there I might have pooped on the floor as well!!” rain…did I mention rain….a brief moment with a single exhale that has changed me forever, “Jean is by far the best navigator and side seat companion that ever lived…

It is Friday and we are settled in at the Comfort Inn in Effingham Illinois..Free internet , which the Sheraton did NOT offer, and I have a few minutes before my Benadryl kicks in and I am off to sleep. providing the noisy kids down the hall get to bed early!! We made it from El Reno Oklahoma to Illinois today, the first day it did not rain, except for a few morning sprinkles. Which was better than when we pulled into El Reno or what we now call El Raino, and I was soaked by the time I got the luggage into the room!!! Did NOT need a shower that night!!

We should hit Greenville Michigan tomorrow afternoon, then Sunday do a final walk thru the house so Jean can get a “Feel” for the house for the first time!!  Monday we sign papers, but the place, and start the process of shopping for furniture, tv’s, and becoming Michigan Residents. The 30th we move in!!

Hopefully Maddie will not poop on the floor at Jean’s sister’s house.. She is a very good car dog, just is not good at doing her business at rest stops…takes a whole lot of going to the grass, she wants in the car, carrying her back to the grass, she wants in the car, carrying her back to the grass, she goes back to the car…and it continues untill she does her business, or I give up!! Was that TMI for this blog?? oh well…

Anyway, 1/2 a  Benadryl for me tonight, 1/2 for her and hopefully I can get dressed fast enough in the morning to take her to the grass for more business. Good hotel, first floor, right by the back door..(Sheraton had us on the third floor, at the end of a long hallway… who puts pet friendly rooms on the third floor!!

A quick update for today and I promise…more to come!!!  Anita, Jean, Madison

One more update, Madison is not panting and hot all the time like in Phoenix, my skin is already better, and Jean is more wonderful than she was two days ago!!! Oh and I reminded Jean and I why we cannot stand to eat a Chili’s..more on that when I blog about the whole first day and night!!!


2 responses to “On our way, never a high temp above 58 degrees!!!

  1. I can’t wait to see the next post. Arriving at your destination must have been exhilarating!!! I am with you all the way – Karen


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