The TV DID NOT Make It!!

And for good reason, we donated it to a family thru our friends Colleen and Sue before we left. We were at 17 feet of trailer space, thanks to Sue and Colleen’s packing extraordinaire, and we were not sure the 10 year old TV would make the trip. A win-win as now we were able to purchase a new flat screen TV and 5 more inches of screen, whoo hoo!!!Photo on 4-7-15 at 4.42 PM

To make a long story a little shorter, we left Phoenix March 18th at 9:30 in the morning heading North thru Payson to Albuquerque New Mexico. We were amazed at the beauty while driving thru Window Rock. A word of advice to travelers..if you have never traveled with your dog, do so before you embark “no pun intended” on a lengthy trip. Madison the dog was good in the car, but freaked out EVERY time we stopped for WHATEVER reason. Getting her to do her business was as futile as resisting the Borg!! Hotel stays were not fun at all but 1/2 a Benadryl for her and 1/2 for me, Advil PM for Jean, we managed to get some sleep.

It rained a lot and I was usually drenced by the time I got the luggage in the room. But we all seemed to love the drive. It was the in between parts that were not so smooth. Good thing we went through Oklahoma when we did as a few days later they had tornadoes where we passed through!! The arches of St Louis and the Mississippi river were a sight not to be missed, although the freeway thru town I would advise you to miss it entirely!! Sunsets and sundowns, miles and miles, mostly friendly people, only a few crazy drivers, rain and more rain, fields and rivers and mountain passes, we made it to Michigan.

Not the detailed blog I was hoping for but I vaguely remember saying that “Moving Is Hard”. OMG!! I could not have made it without my wonderful, beautiful, co-pilot, Jean. She navigated us with precision and grace. We talked, and drove, talked and drove some more and it was wonderful. We have been in our new home 1 week and one day..the town was upset when the Spartans did NOT go to the final two, and Jean’s family have been a huge help to us. From a quiet stay at Jean’s sister’s house to all the help her brother and brother-in-law were unloading the monster truck, they have been a dream come true. Madison the dog and her weak back legs had  trouble navigating the steps of our bi-level.. so the family came together to build her a doggie ramp to the back yard. Today was her maiden  voyage  down the ramp and with dog treats in hand, she was brilliant!!  My aching back is doing the happy dance!!!

Photo on 4-7-15 at 5.09 PM

I am just now slowing down from my 80 mile an hour job, life, and drive from Arizona, about caught up on sleep and only a few boxes left to unpack. We have had to take Madison EVERYWHERE with us until just the other day. With her doggie bowls on the floor, her box of toys close by and furniture “that we finally had delivered last week!!” to sleep on, and some sort of “new” routine as the days go by, she is finally content to go get in the bed, when we take off to run errands. We take her more for just rides in the car, just because it is not hot and we CAN take her, and she seems fine with that.

Jean’s foot is on the mend from her surgery, but still is difficult to walk on cement or a long day of up and down the stairs. She is about 4 and a half weeks post Op and her doctor said 8 weeks minimum. She is better and we will take improvement any day. The trip in the car was the best thing for her foot, many miles of No Walking!! Has been frustrating for her because she was not able to walk much, but we have survived and cannot wait to do stuff. The project girl is on her way back!! Yea!!!

OK, more later…Love each other and do what you do and let others do what they do… Anita



3 responses to “The TV DID NOT Make It!!

  1. So glad everything is coming together – but then again, I didn’t doubt for a second that it wouldn’t. Once Madison gets settled she is gonna love country living. I would image your guys already do. Miss you – can’t wait until the next post – Karen


    • Thanks honestme363, Having cushings disease she has a bad back, and is 12 years old, so we needed a solution that was comfortable for her so she could enjoy her new backyard. In Phoenix she had a doggie door and could go out whenever she wanted to a fenced backyard. A little different here in Michigan!! Cheers!


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