First installment of: “Things I have learned about Michigan, Retirement, and other Interesting Oddities

Good day readers, I know it has been awhile. Finally catching our breath. We are two days away from our first month in our forever home and so much has happened!

Madison the dog is traveling up and down her new ramp to the backyard. Jean’s family so expertly and kindly made for her, since stairs are too much for the old dog to manage. We have a new water softener, new furniture, TV, dining room table, a beautiful new storm door on the from entry way, and a puzzle table Jean and I built. Along with moving being hard, it is expensive as well!!

For todays blog, however, is one of the first things I have learned about Michigan…People LOVE their birdhouses. I have seen more birdhouses in the first week than I have seen my entire life. For those who don’t know me personally…that’s 55 years! In our yard alone there are 11 birdhouses. We are enjoying all the birds and wildlife we have seen so far. Although not birds, 3 doe’s of the “deer” variety, strolled down our street the other morning. Saw a few Tom Turkeys while traveling to Grand Rapids, Wooducks, and Geese on our pond to name a few.. So beautiful.

We have not even begun to see all the birdlife Michigan. So far, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Yellow Warblers, Woodpeckers, Finches, Chickadees (my Favorite), very fat Sparrows, a Turkey Vulture, Hawks, and lots and lots of Robins. There are Robins EVERYWHERE! Batman would be in a headsman!! Spring is in the air so many more are on the way!! I hope you enjoy the Pics of our birdhouses I have included. Excited to see what bird moves into each house!! Yes Michiganders love their birdhouses!!

Next up: Michiganders Love to burn &*^% stuff!!!

IMG_0414 IMG_0413 IMG_0412 IMG_0411 IMG_0410 IMG_0409 IMG_0408 IMG_0407 IMG_0406IMG_0405


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