“Things I have learned about Michigan, Retirement, and other Interesting Oddities”

In Phoenix, I would put shorts on, do yard work, walk the dog, watch TV, cook and clean..all in those same shorts. Here in Michigan, long underwear on in the morning to take the dog outside, off around 11:00, or as soon as I get busy with daily chores. On again around 8PM or so when we head out to the back for the evenings sit down to watch wildlife and listen to the frogs, crickets, and other assorted nocturnal animals. Of course off again before I go to bed.

Whew, who needs gym equipment when you can get your workout just changing clothes!!

We saw our first Kingfisher bird on the pond today. All the geese families and babies are well. We have a finch inhabitant in one of our birdhouses.

A few other observations, our skin is better, hair never needs conditioner, sleep better, Madison the dog is rockin being a redneck dog, Ants are no different if not more of a  challenge. They love this sandy soil and I think professionals will be called in to get then under control. You cannot walk one foot and not walk on an ant hill.  Wasps are trying to move in although I think we have the upper hand on that front. But would not want to live anywhere else.

Waiting to see fireflies. Oh fireflies..digressing into a late childhood!! Will keep you updated!

Another Must for this area, always have a set of binoculars and a camera handy. I think the Cardinal knows when I have taken the camera inside for a charge as he comes closer to the deck when no cameras are about. Must have something to do with quantum mechanics and things being observed….

Anyway, just a quick update for my readers. More to come…Stay tuned!!!


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