“Things I have learned about Michigan, Retirement, and other Interesting Oddities” continues….

Hello readers, I am so excited….just purchased our first riding lawn mower..Can’t wait till it arrives and I can post that video!

More of what I am learning in Michigan and retirement. Not only does one change clothes frequently, shoes come on and off many, many times during the day. We, like most people here, have a no shoes in the house policy. I totally agree with that and in fact told Jean that would be a good idea when we got to Michigan. So I have a pair of shoes at the front door and a pair at the back deck exit off the back of the house. Both pair are tied loosely so I can slip into them every time I go outside…which is very often considering the beautiful place we live.

We now have a lawn mower, an elliptical exerciser and soon a massage chair. Life is good.

Madison the dog gave us a scare as all her blood levels were way out of whack and she spent 3 days in the emergency hospital in Grand Rapids. She is home but is now diabetic and has high blood pressure. Dogs, like children and the elderly, have a special place in our heart. Our need to be in control of our lives and our need for security when they are in pain or sick, are shattered, and we shatter. To Love, demands this of us. It tests how truly strong we can be.

Madison is OK for now. Two insulin shots a day and a blood pressure pill and a few more visits to the great outdoors to empty the thirsty girl’s tank..we’re good, glad to have her home!!

One more observation that I had made before and was reinforced today..Michigander’s will make a sandwich out of anything!! Today for lunch, we had left over spaghetti from last nights Italian cooked dinner, and had a slice of bread and butter. Jean made a sketti sandwich out of her spaghetti. Michiganders are wonderful, friendly, interesting people. I love it here!!!

One more, saw two orange Baltimore Orioles today. Beautiful!!



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