And Now For Something a Bit Different…

Hello readers, I know you must be tired of the same old writings offered here at Our Next Chapter, I know i would be…and am. So I’m turning this blog over to you my dear readers and asking for your advice.

The time is growing near when I want to try my hand at writing my first book. Those of you who know me will NOT be surprised when I tell you that I have totally over thought this whole book writing concept and not sure where to start.

I read books and books on people who have been through divorce and find love, traumas, bad childhoods, addictions of every possible concern, happiness, quantum physics, brain function and health, text books as well as fiction. I have read and read and read, enjoyed most of what I have read and continue to do so. My thanks to all the wonderful authors, the Scottsdale and Phoenix library, the Universities  I have graduated from (and some I have not) and Amazon, for providing me with all the delicious material my brain can handle.

My first idea was to write a series of short stories under the name (Lana Jo Banta) as a psychologist/life coach who guides people with addictions,obsessions, and other issues, through a process to wellness. For the reader, who followed along with the same issue, may find a way to better their situation through the written word. A seemingly good idea, maybe not the right one as I struggle to get words on a page!

Then I though, I could write a book on life in the universe as I see it…no one would really care how I see it so I scraped that idea. Growing up a lesbian…again, nothing causes sparks to fly and no words on the page. Something meaningful, and poetic, and crazy yet thought-provoking. Yes thought-provoking is the key. I want to get folks to ask questions at the end, start a dialog, say to their friend “hey..did you read that book by Lana Jo Banta…I never thought about life/living in that way”.

This is where YOU come in. If you were to read something different, something new, not about the same old human disorders, at least not in the same old way, WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT? A new philosophy about life? Sometimes theory and philosophy don’t do it for me, I need something I can relate to, something I can actually prove, something modern ( not thought up by someone who lived before toilet paper!).

Many writing schools tell you to just start writing, take it wherever it goes. Again for those of you who know me, I need to have a topic, a purpose, a semi clear vision of where I am going and a semi clear way to get there. I am not one to let go, make a habit of being in the moment, or be happy for just any reason. I tried to be hypnotized once and was not impressed or hypnotized! I find solace in warm showers, sleep, and the awesomeness of nature. Not too much surprises me and I am a difficult person to impress. I think I could write up a storm if I went back to old substance habits, a place I no longer would want to be, and the undoing/success of many authors. However, in those days of old, I did not worry about finding a passion, being successful, finding happiness, a purpose, a meaningful job. It was have a good time, get a good paying job, get chores/responsibilities done during the week and party on the weekend, and dance, dance dance….Except for the unhealthy aspects of that former life…not a bad existence for the average Josephine!!!

So, dear readers, help me with my writers malfunction. This is not a block, this is a total breakdown due to too many unrelated ideas that have not flipped the “oh my God this is it, this is “flow” now, just flow with it..” switch. Sitting here looking out my bedroom window, watching the geese on the pond, the squirrels and birds in the trees, dog asleep on the bed, and my lovely partner Jean putting together a puzzle on her Ipad, I have the time…I have the quiet, I have the coffee to start writing, why can’t I get started? Help me readers, and if I choose your topic and get started, I will mention you as the IDEA person in my book!! Oh boy on that one!! Tee Hee!!!!  Anita

PS, thanks in advance!!! You can either post to my blog site at ( or to face book. I will find suggestions easier at WordPress.

One last thing, true to the Michigan blog spots…we stopped at a roadside stand the other day to purchase our first fresh off the farm goodies…. Strawberries…Were so delicious we had to go back and get more!!! I will be out of control come peach season!!! OMG!!!


2 responses to “And Now For Something a Bit Different…

  1. Anita,
    It sounds like you are already writing from a place of knowing. Your writing will draw to you the people who will read it. It has to come from you and what you are passionate about. I say just write and see where it takes you….no judgement, no agenda! I also think you should write your story on wf1, it would be a great starting point!
    Maria 🙂


    • I am grateful for your words Maria..Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart!!! I just may start at wf1,it is an awesome site. Love to you, Anita


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