Bio: A 55 year old college graduate, in a delightful 22 year relationship, about to semi retire and move across the country to start a new chapter in my book of life. It has taken all my life to figure out that the only destination of life is death, destinations do not matter. What matters is the beauty of nature, the power of being inquisitive, the security in real friendships, and a life partner to share it all with. Oh and a good glass of wine, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate cake, and a really good book, often make life even better!!! Now that I have moved to Michigan… What is that like? What is retired life like? How does it feel? What am I doing now and how has my life, thoughts, body, brain, and emotions, changed since I began this journey. I have also formatted my blog for you to share with me, what you have discovered living life here on this wonderful planet. Please share and share again, I would Love to hear from you. Welcome to my new blog. The old stuff is still there, check it out under the Menu tab on my site “Two women, an Old Dog in a Prius, a 1,900 mile journey”.


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  1. I retired early (50), married late (51), published my first book (65), began this blogging thing (66), and am enjoying every day. I wish the same for you as you begin a new chapter of your journey.


    • Thank you Claremary!! I am inspired by your post and grateful you took the time to write what you feel. I have been wondering if and when I get the unquenchable thirst to start writing my first book if I will be to old. You have answered my question that it may be NEVER too late. Thank you, Anita
      PS. How do you deal with interruptions and the need to put everything first then if there is any energy left, write!! I cannot seem to find a stretch of wakeful time to write, and bedtime (like I used to write for college papers) I am not inspired…because I am tired!!
      I fit in a blog or two for my blogging 101 class, in the wee morning hours before the day beckons my attention. Not enough to write a book I am afraid.

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      • I have chronic lyme disease and tend to wake up in the dark, early morning hours. this is my best writing time. I wrote A Berkshire Tale, which is actually 10 stories (19,000 words) when I broke a bone in my foot and had to sit still for awhile. Everything and everybody, up until then, came first. Then, I learned what is was like to do something I’d always wanted to do. It was a great life lesson. Make time for yourself and learn to say “No”. Practice in front of a mirror. No one is indispensable and people will survive without you for a few precious hours each week. Write! I’ll be your beta reader, Write! (One of my first blog posts was “How Old Do You Think I Am?” Hopefully, I have a lot more books in me.) If you start now, by the time you’re my age, you could have a few books on the best seller list. Write!

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