Do you wonder?

Do you ever wonder? Out of your wondering, what have you discovered? I am a psychology major and what I have discovered through 12 years of study is that most people, around my age, 55,  are not interested in wasting any more time trying to figure out: the meaning of life, how to be happy, relationships, or anything having to do with quantum mechanics or what a quark has to do with the fabric of the universe.

I have discovered that the meaning of my life started when two lustful, yet unfaithful people had apparently very meaningful sex…I was created from their affair. Eggs and fertilizer mingled and boom! No reason other than Lust brought me to exist on this planet, for no other reason than to adjust to my  DNA tendencies, and learn from my environment. So I have discovered that there is no real meaning to my life other than the meaning I give to it. A lustful compost of wonderful tendencies and environmental lessons that are mine and mine alone. I was not “put” on this planet, I was created here. This is what makes sense to me.

What have you discovered?


4 responses to “Do you wonder?

  1. What I love about this observation is that it acknowledges that you have total and complete power. Your life and your happiness are entirely in your hands. I guess I have that power, too. Sometimes I forget… Thanks for the reminder 😉


    • Welcome you are!! Oh yes my awesome powerful sister!! I discovered thru research it takes 90 seconds for your body to chemically recover from an emotion, so try to choose not to dwell on negative emotions unless you want to reignite the same one for yet another 90 seconds!!
      Love to you, Anita

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