Happiness and the Meaning of Life, or my Life Anyway

Good morning readers, this is a before coffee post so “Warning Will Robinson”. I mentioned happiness in yesterday’s post after the meaning of life, of my life anyway. “One addition to yesterday’s post; not only do I give meaning to my own life, those who I choose to be involved in my life, and some I don’t, also give meaning to it. My life would be less meaningful to me if it were not for my beautiful Partner Jean, those who I can honestly call friends, teachers, professors, authors, parents (both sets..I am adopted), siblings, animals, strangers, fellow bloggers, our real estate agent “you know who you are”, waiters and waitresses, veterans, soldiers, doctors, nurses, fellow students, anyone  and everyone who closely or remotely has touched, improved, or tarnished my life. There is plenty of meaning to any life, thanks to all who have been a part of making mine meaningful. And thanks to answering the age old question of what is the meaning of life, certainly you have given meaning to mine! So if the meaning of life is what and who matter to you and to me, as Clifford Baird once wrote, “Life only matters if you make it matter..be very careful of what and who you make matter”. Ok, maybe next time a happiness post!!! Cheers, and what have you discovered?


2 responses to “Happiness and the Meaning of Life, or my Life Anyway

  1. Anita, your blog posed the question ‘what meaning have we discovered in life’ and I read that as our lives and where it left an impact… With that in mind I started to write some positive and negative memories. Turned out the positive thoughts were more of a light gratitude list; such as loving the smell of the rain, or how the sound of a distant lawn mower, late in the day when I’m napping, brings me peaceful memory from my childhood.

    The “negative” list was more thought provoking. So I’ll respond with that. Some things which impacted my life are not happy experiences, but they too are part of life. So in grade school, on a regular basis walking home from school I’d come upon boys fighting where one was beaten badly. Not just one particular boy, but many on many days, with all the kids gathered around watching. I always wondered why???… I never stayed with the other kids to watch. By 12 years old, I had grown-up a bit and I was wearing a bra to school. I walked into my classroom one day and on the chalkboard was a big note “Kelly stuffs her bra!” – I remember how hard it was to walk up and erase that chalkboard before class started. I solved that problem quickly…I stopped wearing a bra and didn’t wear one again for the next six years of school. These examples may sound like I’m bringing up “school bullying” but that’s not my intent at all. My thought is, that we go through life and experience things which alter the reality we’ve created in our minds. Then we go onward…

    So here’s some more… I went to lunch with a teacher/counselor one day and he got very drunk and then hit on me when returning to school. I said no way and he easily let me out of the car and drove away. I never spoke to him again, nor told anyone (till now, lol). I knew then somehow that it wasn’t about “me” and that it was his problem. At a young age I hid in the closet at my boyfriend’s house when his drunken dad came home from the bar and beat the shit out of my boyfriend in a drunken blackout, then returned to the bar…wow! The reason I hid, was I was told it would have been worse had his dad known I was there. I’d never experienced anything like that. I don’t hold any resentment or negative feelings from the incidences of my past. To me, they are simply events that have molded me into the person I am today, a person able to be kind and be helpful to others…

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  2. Thanks Kelly!! Love this and thanks for giving me more reasons why I just love you girl!! From the negative list I have re-discovered more reasons I am proud to call you “friend” and found the positive outcome in all of them. You always made the “right thing to do”choice in all those stories of the past and that is such a character molder. Thank you for sharing the “teacher/counselor ” story, I commend your actions/or non actions as it were.
    Keep writing!!!


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