What a Year so Far..Endings, Beginings, Old Life and a New One..Brillaint!!!

What can I say and where to start… Life was so predictable not so long ago; Wake up on Monday thru Friday at 4:45 am, let the dog out, feed her breakfast, make my partner coffee, put on joggers and maybe walk the dog if she will go, cereal then off to work to get there early so I can work out, shower, and be ready to work at 6:30 am.

Do the work thing till 4 o’clock and head home to chat with my partner, get dinner, feed the dog, and go for an evening walk if it is not summer and still 100 degrees out. Then sit down to watch our shows, Bones, CSI, Resolli and Isles, and by 8 pm head in to bed to read for a bit and start all over the next day.

Weekends were as predictable; Saturday was breakfast at The Good Egg on Central, grocery shopping, then home to get laundry done along with other household chores. Sunday was yard work and NASCAR SPRINT CUP racing and in the evening we watched “Once Upon a Time” We always had a good time spending time together but most of the time we were worn out from work.

I firmly believe that we need to scrap our current way of life and have a life that is one half work and one half retirement. Because now…..

Ok, this year..drum roll.. wait for it:

During 2014 had THREE yard sales!! We both retired in February 2015, sold our home in ONE DAY, at the last possible moment Jean found our forever home in Michigan, I flew out one day and back the next just to see if the home “felt” as good as it looked, attended many farewell lunches and a grand party our dear friend Gary threw for us. Oh we are far from done yet…We packed up our Upack it 28 foot trailer and had it shipped to Michigan where we finally landed after 3 days on the road with a very confused dog “poor Maddie”. We were grateful to Jean’s Sister and Brother-in-law “now mine as well” for letting us stay there for two weeks while our house closed and we became residents.

April 1st we moved into our new forever home and started outdoor projecting as I call it. Had a ramp built “thanks to Jean’s talented nephew” for Madison as she does not do stairs well. We have planted numerous plants around the property, taken down some dead and broken trees, put up fencing to deter the increasing population of geese in our yard, painting an old wood fence, seeded the yard and many other projects. Our dog Madison has developed high blood pressure, diabetes and cushings disease. On meds and doing better. Jean’s foot is better after surgery she had the week we left Phoenix.

Our life now is awesome!!! All of our planning, dreaming, and hard work has paid off. We have arrived…

Now our day depends on the weather. A few rainy days in a row and we can catch up on reading and writing, puzzling, and cleaning our home. I can try new recipes, bake, make homemade soups and meat/less stews, and listen to the rain with Jean and Love being here. If the weather is not rainy, it is outside to work on the yard, run errands, garden, kayak the pond, do outdoor projects, maintain the lawn tractor, paint the fence…I get up at 6am to let Madison the dog out and do a walkabout around the property. Then it is time for her breakfast and pills and insulin shot. I get the two coffee pots ready for when we decide to REALLY get up and either go back to bed, blog and check e-mails, or have coffee on the deck watching the wildlife. If Jean gets up with me we do all that together. That is as predictable as my life gets these days.

Life is not so predictable anymore and I honestly Love it. It took a move out of one environment into another to make life beautiful once again. So maybe if you are down in the dumps, bored with your life, tired of ho hum, shake it up and live somewhere different. Life is too short, see something different, be something DIFFERENT.

What have you discovered today?


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