Today was brilliant!!

Today was a wonderful day. Jean and I hit the road this morning to track down some new farmers markets.. We failed and ended up at our favorite spot..Pierson’s Farms. The farm fresh food is grown right on their A woman owns it and has a crew of women of all kinds who operate the market. Friendly people, and they bake…OMG can they bake!! Homemade donuts,, banana and zucchini bread

Today we purchased enough corn on the cob and yellow and green string beans for me to blanch and freeze for winter, fresh peaches for the peach cobbler I am going to bake tomorrow (it is supposed to be a rainy day..good day for cobbler and coffee), a cantaloupe, cucumber, a tomato and a green pepper that has a strong pepper smell. Oh ya, is that a cookie in the picture…Couldn’t resist!!

We got out the pole saw and trimmed some trees in the front yard that were crowding other trees and causing too much shade. They are all chopped up and on the burn pile for our next burn day. We LOVE burn day. Some like to blow %^$& up, we like to burn ^&%*!!!!

Madison the dog had a lazy day but is doing pretty good for an old blind dog!!!

Grateful for each other, and the opportunity to share this wonderful Michigan experience together. Today was a GREAT day!!! Tomorrow, baking, NASCAR, coffee, time together, and a cloudy rainy day, I am truly in heaven!!!DSCN0304


3 responses to “Today was brilliant!!

    • Thanks Honestme363!! Madison had 3 months in the house before she lost her sight. She gets lost daily but we are getting in a routine and giving lots of comfort and she is OK!! Thanks for asking!!
      Hope your week is a smooth one!! Cheers!

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      • I have heard of people using different scented potpourri around the house to help them navigate around difficult areas, i.e. to signal stairs etc. Most animals can get around well in houses that they have known for awhile but this being a new place, I thought I might pass along some info that might aid her…..Kelly ☺


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