Update, Update, Update

Sorry for the delay dear readers, I have been..well, kind of depressed as our beloved dog Madison has lost her sight and we are all adjusting. On the bright side, her Cushing’s disease is finally under control and everything else is stable.

After 4 weeks we have finished screening in our patio deck and can once again enjoy the great outdoors..BUG FREE!!! My brother-in-law Paul and his wife Sherry have been over twice a week for 4 weeks and thanks to Paul, we are screened in!!

It is the season for farmers markets, ice cream from Charlie’s, constantly watering the grass and garden, outdoor painting projects, and many trips to the home improvement stores in Ionia and Grand Rapids. Forecast calls for rain on Sunday and we can’t wait for a rain day to puzzle, read, and relax. Meryl Streep has a new movie out this Month so we will be off to the theater to catch a flick. Today though we will check out farmers markets, I will attempt to freeze corn and string beans for winter.

Jean has been painting the fence that borders the ivy garden and is almost complete..it looks fabulous!!! She is also using rock to line her other garden..hard work but so beautiful. I am painting the new patio and having fun mowing the lawn on the lawn tractor. The baby geese have been practicing to fly and it has been fun to watch them grow up. Love living on a pond!!

Yesterday we went to the Coffee House so I could stock up on my three favorite blends ( I must be a regular now as the gal knew what I wanted when I walked through the door) and stopped a Charlie’s for ice cream. Good thing we eat a lot of veggies and work hard in the yard or we might have to buy bigger chairs to sit on for the evenings programs!!! And another good thing Charlie’s is only open for another month this season!!!

That is all for now as we must get cleaned up and off to the markets early to claim our booty of produce before it is all picked over!!! I hope all is well in your world and let me know what is going on in your world this weekend. Anything new? Did you get outside your box? Do or say anything that moved you toward a goal? Took the time to thank your partner or kids for being the love of your life? Saved your environment? Noticed something small but beautiful? Planted? Farted? ANYTHING?

Cheers, Anita


5 responses to “Update, Update, Update

  1. Hey Anita, a hard adjustment for all of you and for Madison, but I’m sure it will all turn out good. Looks like you’ve got a busy few days ahead of you with all your up to 😃. We’re planning on going down to Torquay today to a model village. Fingers crossed I’ll get some good snaps to share.


  2. Anita, Do we get to see a pic of the ivy garden? I’ll bet it’s lovely. I’m sad that your pup can no longer see but glad that Madison has two kind people to watch over her. Taking time to say I appreciate good people like you and Jean in the world. Take care. Clare


    • Clare, thank you for such kind words. They are truly needed and appreciated. I will post a Pic of the Ive Garden.
      We believe that if one takes responsibility for ANYTHING, one should be prepared to do the best they can for the duration of that relationship.
      That is inclusive of pets, children, ones partner, and oneself…What do you think Clare?
      I hope mt first book is as thought provoking as what I read on these blogs!!! Enjoy your day!! Anita

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      • I believe that we are responsible for those lives that we touch and that touch us. If someone needs caring, and we are there, no questions asked. And commitment in any relationship is crucial unless there is mental, emotional, physical abuse – that’s a topic for another day.
        I feel we’re definitely on the same page. (All of my previous cats lived to be 20 years old or more. And I loved every minute with them. I hope Madison is having a great day.) Clare


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