The Leaves Will be Changing Soon

Hello dear readers, I hope you have found reason to take at least one deep breath this day, shake your arms and legs, and/or your booty for those of us who dance, and have had the opportunity to delight, in a least one thing today.

My partner Jean and I were thinking about “change” here in Michigan the other day. We noticed that when we first arrived at our Forever Home.. there were Robins EVERYWHERE!!.  Chipmunks ruled the backyard, Orioles created color in the sky, yellow finches adored the finch feeder sacks, and Cardinals were a breath of red fresh air. Seven families of geese and their babies ruled the pond with some very annoying night-time bullfrogs. A Blue Heron and a Kingfisher were our only fishers on the pond. We saw deer on our street and on drives through the country.

With the arrival of August, all that changed…Robins are hard to find, chipmunks have been replaced by grey squirrels, not an Oriole to be seen, and Cardinals are few. Blue jays now add color to the sky along with the ever-present yellow finches, nuthatches, grosbeak, tufted chickadees and an occasional woodpecker. The bullfrogs “thank goodness” are quiet, and  we have not seen the Heron or the Kingfisher in weeks. Our 7 geese families have taught their children to fly and will be leaving for the season soon. We had 30+ feathered friends from this group of families, and was fun to watch them teach their children how to leave the pond for bluer waters. There are hundreds of tiny frogs in the yard every day now that the weather has heated up, and the deer are so deep in the corn fields, we rarely see them.

Not only do the leaves change with the season here in Michigan, birds, plants, and animals all get their turn to appear and disappear for the season. I will be sad when the farms are closed for the year, but anticipating what we will discover when old man winter comes to town.

Change, it is a constant. From changing clothes during the day when one has been at the burn barrel half the day or working in the yard for maybe too many hours, taking shoes on and off as we go from outdoors to indoors, or flying high after apple-fritters and coffee, then napping in the chair after lunch. Birds and plants seem to change with the passing months as do the critters in and around the pond. Our life is a buzz with change, I guess it has always been that way. I am thankful that now we  are taking the time to notice and appreciate the sights, the scents, the colors, the sounds, and the tastes, each season has to offer to us.

Summer is coming to an end, fall will be here shortly and the Leaves will Change color…What have you discovered? If indeed you need a change, it is a perfect time to  craft a plan on how you are going to do it.

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2 responses to “The Leaves Will be Changing Soon

    • Thanks Chris!! I will be posting more often now that we are settled in our forever home. Appreciate the comment and hope all is well in your world. Thanks for following my blog!!!


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