I’m gettting married in the morning, ding dong the bells are gonna chime

If you remember the song from “My Fair Lady” that is what I am singing. After 22 years Jean and I finally have the opportunity to become legal married partners. Our friends arrived from Phoenix and Tennessee on Wednesday to witness and be a part of our forever day. Today our bachelorette party started with coffee, custard filled chocolate goodies, and then some healthy food to get us through our first task of the day. We felled two trees and Colleen hand-made a giant wreath from the pine tree for us to holiday the house up a bit. Thanks Colleen, it is big and beautiful!!! Girls with chain saws, it was a brilliant day!!! Later we took off and drove around to see the sights. Buffalo first on the list, then stopped at a barn sale and did our best “Picker” imitations, then off to an antique store.

Tomorrow…breakfast, apple cider mimosa’s, decorate the upper deck for the wedding, pick up the cake, order the pizza, everybody get dressed into their wedding flannel and ties, cue up the wedding “mix”, and get hitched at noon. Cocktails and dancing will follow and I am sure lots of Love and Laughter and maybe a game or two of Yahtzee…We love our friends and the simple life we lead here in Michigan.

Sunday we will be off to Peterson’s farm so they can try the fresh Apple Fritters……the party continues. Monday we will drive to a city where it is Christmas every day of the year!! Frankenmuth, Michigan….

I am honored to be in the company of such fine people for this occasion and marrying my best friend, my soul mate, my angel, my Love… I’m getting married in the morning……


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