An Update from “The McKenzies” Fall on the Pond

Looks like Fall has arrived. The leaves are turning color, the geese have all but left, and there is a daily chill in the air. I read from Margret’s blog that “A fallen leaf is fall saying goodbye to summer”.

The test garden did well this summer, providing potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cilantro. We have a 10 x 10 dog run we are using for next year’s crop. mulching in grass and compost to stew over the winter so the ground is good and ready. Purchased flower bulbs that I have planted and we will plant more in spring to attract bees and make the garden more beautiful!! The backyard did well this summer as far as green grass…the front, not so much. We will seed the front and deal with the weeds next season. All and all our first 6 months at our forever home has been a delight. Our friends Sue and Colleen visited us 4 times…we were thrilled to share our pond oasis with them. Along with the two of them, our dear friend Roe took time off and flew in for our wedding. It was a simple wedding, flannel shirts, bow ties, champagne, pizza and wedding cake. A brilliant day spent with friends and the new friends we made as our officiate and her fiance stayed for the after party. Thanks to all who decorated, officiated, and made our day complete!

We have raked, mowed, chainsaw-ed trees, put up fencing.. took down and put up more, painted and painted and painted some more, planted, burn barreled, taken some road trips, sealed the potting shed, kayaked the pond, unpacked, built a stone garden, found a hand-grenade in the yard, insulated the duct work in the basement, furnished an entire bi-level home, ate smores down by the pond, visited family, and much more…all in 6 months. I am looking forward to winter when all we can do out doors is build snowmen/women/and children!!! Or maybe a snow/squirrel..hummmmm

Fall is here…A family of squirrels have taken residence in the potting shed roof. Smart they are to get out of the cold. The lawn tractor will reside in the pole barn for the winter! They will be evicted if too much damage ensues… (happen or occur afterward or as a result of). We will see in the spring, for now, they will be warm!!!


Fall on the Pond 2015

Fall on the Pond 2015

DSCN2792  DSCN0577DSCN0581DSCN0570DSCN0586DSCN0746


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    • Thanks honestme, don’t feel sad…the timing was most perfect. Less haters these days so life is much more comfortable!! Hope all is well in your world!!


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