Life Today

Good day readers and what a day it is. Life Today is just as simple as that: What will we do today as people to be healthy, helpful, and heroic? How will we start our day? What will we discover today that make us better, are we even looking?

Healthy: Today I started the day drinking the 12 oz of water I keep by my bed every night. I then put on my headphones listening to  Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s “Ascension” Mp3 I downloaded on my Mac Air. I have listened to Ascension for over 6 years on daily walks and anytime I need to get my serious, logical brain to “shut up!”. Sometimes that in itself can be a chore. Next I did a series of stretches in bed, arms, legs, neck, about 10 minutes. Sometimes after that I just lay back and listen to the rest of the music, unless I have things to do or am running late…a very warm shower awaits. Breakfast will be sweet potatoes with spinach,carrots, mushrooms, shallots, and whatever other fresh veggies I have on hand, grilled in olive oil with pepper and sweet curry, a local farm fresh egg, and fresh squeezed OJ .  Might also have some “Bob’s Red Mill Oats” with blueberries or honey from the honey farm down the street. The rest of the day will be nuts, fruit, and maybe a home-made Taco or mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Oh and it’s Wednesday so I take a multi vitamin 3 times a week. The jury is still out as to take them or not, so as in my usual tradition, I take them in moderation..just in case!!  Also 30 minutes on the elliptical and some free weights are also on the daily schedule. Today I will be healthy.

Helpful and Heroic: It’s not really hard to be helpful and heroic. A smile to a stranger, saying thank you, showing kindness and understanding, finding good and looking for it, thanking a police officer, veteran, or cashier for their service today. You may be the hero in someone’s day by doing any of these things.I plan to be a kind, friendly person today, to appreciate the world I have created for myself, to gently go through today so as to not contaminate this beautiful planet we live on and to approach the world and all its inhabitants with an open mind and an open heart. If I see someone or something in need and I can help, I will. Today I will be helpful and heroic.

Yesterday has passed, tomorrow can only wait, Today is what matters, only today! What will you do today to be healthy, helpful, and heroic?

P.S. Looking: Oh and I have been researching how adoption might have had a psychological impact on my life. I want to know things so I go out and discover them!! What will you discover?



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