To Write or not to Write?

Long time no write, I know. Adjusting to a retired life has and still is….well….an adjustment. My Author status is still waiting for inspiration so here is my question to the already writing population. Does inspiration for a book come before one starts, or after. You see I am waiting for that ah-ha moment where I am moved to start and it never comes. I have too many ideas that I can not get a clear picture of what to Write about. I want to Write Fiction, yet I feel the need for, at the end of my books, my readers to ponder and maybe improve their world or have their own ah-moment. Any thoughts or suggestions would positively help. Appreciate all of you my dear readers, thanks!!    I turn 57 tomorrow, been in a  wonderful 24 year relationship, and feeling very happy. I vow to blog more often starting today!!



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